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Women's Shout 

After two years of lockdowns, forced closures and curfews, it was time to come out and celebrate. Women’s Shout is an interactive, immersive performance revealing the lives of Australian female publicans. Produced by Eleven Arms Theatre Company (EATC), written/directed by Renee Palmer, Women's Shout premiered at the 2022 Melbourne Fringe Festival, The Gertrude Hotel. Placing audiences at the centre of the action, Women’s Shout leaps through three different decades. Underlining the working classes’ struggles of 1950, the conflicting attitudes between generations of 1971 and the beginning of inner-city suburban gentrification in 1999. Women’s Shout celebrates the past, whilst embracing its future.

Renee Palmer.

For over 30 years Renee is an independent theatre director, producer, performer and writer based in Melbourne Australia. Over the last five years, Renee’s creative practice has moved towards site-specific immersive theatre. Creating and directing projects: There’s a Place I know (2017) Never Ending Night (2018) and Rust (2020), her work is often performed in dis-used or found spaces, such as: underground carparks, Fitzroy’s backstreets and alleyways, laundry mats, bookshops and mansions. This shift in practice grew from a desire to challenge the way audiences engage with a creative space, creating a democratic exchange between actors and audiences. Renee creates group devised performances, exploring social political themes.


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2022 Melbourne Season

The Gertrude Hotel
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