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Welcome to The Happy Hour

  Can't make it to the Darlingurst Hotel tonight, but still want to chat to Eileen?

  Maybe Reg found that 'special' item you've been searching for. 

  The Happy Hour is a weekly sneak peak into the world of Eileen, Gordon, Reg and Jeanette. Find out what happens in episode one, when the bar is closed and only the locals get to know.

  Drop in for a drink at The Happy Hour each week

Management wants to hear from you. Let us know what you think should happen next
drop us a line at 
or go to the Your Shout page and hear what the chatter is there

After Hours

Let us know your favourite 1950's activity.

possum pie


Classic Australian pub counter Meals for 1950.

Any punters in need of a feast  tonight can get a classic: 

  • T-bone steak,

  • Lamb fry bacon and brains

  • Bacon and kidney on toast.             All for 2/6d.



Ladies Lounge

The Darlinghurst Hotel is celebrating the birthday of our favourite barmaid, Jeanette. We'll be sharing a shandie and Eileen's homemade goodies in the ladies lounge. Bring a plate and let us know what you are baking.

Vintage Beer

Beer of the Week

New beers have arrived at
The Darlinghurst Hotel.
The Ballarat Bitter is a big beer with a big flavour. 
Let us know what you think of our new drop.


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